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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Agreements To Agree Revistied: MRI Trading Vs The Erdenet Mining Corp

Prior to this month’s decision of the Court of Appeal in MRI Trading AG –v- The Erdenet Mining Corporation LLC (2013) it had been generally safe to assume that ‘agreements to agree’ written into contracts in relation to fundamental provisions of the contract (such as pricing) would most likely be unenforceable for lack of certainty. […]

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Share Buy-Backs – Latest Developments

If you are considering: 1. Undertaking a buy-back of own shares; or 2. offering shares to employees under the much-publicised “employee shareholder” proposals, you should read this note. COMPANY SHARE BUY-BACKS The government has implemented several key changes making it simpler for a company to buy back its own shares. These include:  Allowing off-market share […]

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Employment: Enterprise And Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (ERRA)

The new Act will introduce wide-ranging changes, including the following: mandatory pre-claim ACAS conciliation; new powers for the Tribunal to make a deposit order in respect of part only of a claim or response, new powers for the Tribunal to order that a losing respondent pay a financial penalty; new rules providing that pre-termination negotiations […]

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