Druces for Business

Claim advice, assessment and preparation

Druces for Business

Claim advice, assessment and preparation

We have a strong multi-disciplinary Construction team that provides dispute advice and assistance to a wide range of owners, developers, contractors, specialist sub-contractors and consultants across the construction and engineering sector. 

The team has a deep knowledge of the sector and is experienced in providing advice on all forms of disputes and the tactics to be deployed in them. We know and understand that disputes are a part of construction and engineering and, in our experience, no two disputes are quite the same.

Review and recommendations

The Construction team knows that often the best result is an amicable settlement without the need to go to adjudication, litigation or any other form of dispute resolution. Common causes of dispute include parties failing to understand the legal basis for their entitlement or presenting a poorly prepared or supported claim. The team can help you by advising on the strengths and weaknesses of your claim or the claim made against you. This includes recommendations as to how to improve your claim or defence and the key points you need to address. We can also introduce you to the right experts to help you prepare or defend a claim as well as representing you in either scenario.

We will give you advice on the best way of resolving your dispute; in some cases this may not be the most obvious option. 

Guidance through the processes

Most people think of adjudication as the go-to method for dispute resolution in construction. It often is, and that’s why we offer a fixed price adjudication scheme.  However, this is not always the case and we can also guide you through the process of issuing and responding to Statutory Demands, Winding-Up Petitions, compliance with the Construction and Engineering Pre-Action Protocol, arbitration, dispute boards, and court litigation in the Technology and Construction Court (Part 7 and Part 8 proceedings).

How we can help

Whatever the nature of the dispute, we will provide you with both commercial and legal advice as to the best way of presenting your claim or defence and the tactics you need to employ. We offer a no obligation initial one hour discussion to discuss your claim. Contact us for more information.

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