The healthcare investment market is arguably at its busiest in a decade. Not since the financial crash have so many of the major assets in the sector been involved in active sales processes – but is this a sign of over-heating, or merely a reflection of the enduring popularity of healthcare as an investment opportunity?

Druces, in partnership with HealthInvestor UK magazine, bought together leading investors, operators and advisers in the healthcare market for a roundtable discussion, focusing on these issues, including the increasing influence of institutional money, REITs and other forms of ‘long-hold’ investors.

Roundtable participants comprised key players in the Healthcare market, drawn from a broad range of organisations: Downing Capital, HSBC, Octopus Healthcare, Active Assistance, Civitas Housing Advisers, CBRE, Connell Consulting, iCON Infrastructure Fund and Global Counsel, together with Druces’ Partner and Head of Healthcare, Christopher Axford and Claire Rigby (Senior Associate).

Please see the link to view the full write up of the roundtable.

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