Druces LLP has been appointed to the legal panel of the National Housing Federation (NHF). The NHF is the voice of affordable housing in England. Its members provide 2.5 million homes for more than 5 million people. The NHF represents the work of housing associations and campaigns for better housing.

Druces LLP will be offering legal services in the following areas: (i) Company/Commercial; (ii) Commercial Property; (iii) Litigation; (iv) Intellectual Property; and (v) Employment. This legal advice will be both on operational and policy matters.

Christopher Evans, Company Commercial consultant for Druces LLP remarked: “I have been providing legal services to the NHF for over 10 years while at my previous law firm Izod Evans. I am really pleased that the NHF is continuing this relationship through Druces LLP. Because of the range of services Druces LLP can offer clients, I am also pleased that the firm can give an enhanced and wider range of legal advice”.

To find out more about this please contact Christopher Evans on or 020 7216 5505.

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