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Leases: Extension & Enfranchisement

Druces Private Wealth

Leases: Extension & Enfranchisement

If you are the owner of a leasehold flat or house, the law gives you certain rights in relation to your property which, if acted upon, will add to its value.

We have an expert team dealing with this specialist area of the law and we act for clients ranging from individual leaseholders to associations or companies and landlords. 

We deal with properties which include houses on large central London estates to the residents’ associations of blocks (which may comprise just a few or as many as hundreds of flats) as well as with the freeholds of those properties.

In particular we advise on:
• Extension of individual leases: see Lease Extension
• Collective enfranchisement (the purchase of the freehold by the leaseholders in a block of flats): see Collective Enfranchisement
• Enfranchisement of a leasehold house (the purchase of the freehold): see Leasehold House
• Collective exercise of a right to manage by the lessees of blocks of flats: see Right to Manage

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Head of Enfranchisement

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