On 10 October 2015 the following provisions under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 will come into effect:

  1. The Registrar of Companies (“the Registrar”) can omit the day (but not the month or year) of the date of birth of company directors from the information on the register available for public inspection. However, the Registrar cannot make the same omission in relation to persons exercising significant control over the company, or where the company makes an election to hold the company’s register of directors on the central register.
  2. The requirement for companies to provide the Registrar with a consent by a company director or secretary to act in that capacity has been removed and is now replaced with a requirement to state that the person has consented to act.
  3. The Registrar is obliged to notify new company directors as soon as reasonably practicable after their appointment has been registered, and to provide them with information about directors’ duties.
  4. The timescales under which the Registrar may strike off companies from the register are reduced; 4 to 5 months for Companies House strike-off and approximately 2 months for a voluntary strike-off.

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