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Classic Car Disputes

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Classic Car Disputes


Buying any second-hand vehicle can be a risky affair. When it comes to investing in the purchase of a classic or vintage car, which may have an age span of 20 to 100 or more years, the stakes are much higher.

A recent estimate suggested that the classic car industry contributes £5bn to the UK economy and it is perhaps no surprise that legal disputes relating to these valuable vehicles are on the rise.

Clients include individuals, companies, LLPs and partners involved in a variety of businesses. We have particular experience of the commercial property industry; the construction sector; financial services; the care home sector and charities.

Classic Car Disputes

A wide range of disputes can arise in connection with classic cars. These could be legal complications around sales, purchases, restoration work and maintenance claims. In particular we encounter legal issues such as:-

  • Misrepresentation claims – when a car is purchased from a dealer or auction house and the new owner later discovers that there was misrepresentation as to its condition or history.
  • Identity disputes – when parts salvaged from one car are used in another and both are claimed to be the original car.
  • Title disputes – when ownership of a car is claimed by more than one person.
  • Restoration disputes – when a car is sent to a restorer and the work completed is not to the correct standard.
  • Price disputes – when a deal falls through due to an overvaluation of the car or a buyer pulls out of the sale due to lack of funds.

Our Team

Druces’ specialist team is led by Nigel Adams who has a broad expertise when it comes to title to and provenance of classic cars. He has acted in a number of important cases (involving iconic vehicles such as DB range Aston Martins, a Bugatti Type 35 and a pre-war Mercedes-Benz racing car) and is regularly consulted by owners and dealers.

Dispute Resolution

We bring our expertise to bear to advise you on the best and most cost-effective way to seek a resolution to your classic car problem and we can call upon a network of other experts – including, valuers, marque specialists, accountants and insurers – where wider advice is required.

Mediation is one popular alternative to the traditional court-based approach to dispute resolution. It is generally less contentious, swifter and more cost effective. Whilst litigation through the courts can take years, mediation is a more short-term and often cheaper approach. Together the parties can have greater control over the process and, typically, a satisfactory outcome for all parties is achievable.

More Information

For further information about Druces Classic Car Dispute Resolution service, please contact Nigel Adams.

Who to Contact

Nigel Adams, Head of Dispute Resolution.


Head of Dispute Resolution

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