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Joint Ventures

Druces for Business

Joint Ventures

A joint venture can take a number of different forms. It can be just a straightforward proposal of financial investment to more strategic alliances, bringing together the expertise, assets and resources of independent parties, working towards a common goal.

We understand that both legal technical knowledge and commercial acumen is essential when dealing with these transactions; a balance must be struck between compromise and protection.

Our work encompasses not only the drafting and negotiation of core joint venture agreements (and the constitutional and structural documentation), but also the commercial advice and documentation required, covering matters such as tax, intellectual property, real estate, employment, lending and security.

This broad approach enables us to give effective advice to help our clients achieve their objectives and maximise the benefits arising from these ventures.

Recent work

  • We dealt with the preparation of a complex joint venture / shareholder agreement. This contained complicated “commission” provisions (as the new company was the amalgamation of two competing businesses) and a put and call option in relation to one shareholders’ shares.
  • We have advised many companies on joint venture agreements between non-UK companies and UK businesses.

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