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Druces for Business

Property Development Lawyers

We act on a wide variety of property development work and are known for our skill in handling innovative or unusual schemes.

Our clients are involved in projects country-wide, from a pre-let forward-funded industrial project in the north of England to a large mixed-use site being developed as a joint venture with a national house builder in the west country.

Property development projects typically require the involvement of lawyers from a wide range of disciplines including construction law, planning and tax. Our team includes lawyers with the necessary expertise in these areas so that we can provide a complete service, covering all of the requirements of property development projects.

We are also experienced at leading and co-ordinating the whole team of other advisors around a client.

Recent work

  • Druces are advising clients in relation to a proposed eco-town, dealing with the site assembly, conditional agreements and land options in connection with its development.
  • We are acting on the largest mixed-use development in one of the London boroughs since the 1940s.
  • Our property development lawyers have advised on a number of projects for a large property company including two complex development acquisitions, both involving hotels.

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