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Directors’ Disputes

Druces for Business

Directors’ Disputes

Discussion, debate and even disagreement are part of the everyday experience of businesses and those who run them.

Often, disputes between business partners or company directors are resolved simply and without recourse to lawyers. Occasionally however, serious or persistent conflicts arise which threaten the very future of an enterprise and ultimately lead to a parting of the ways. Druces’ expert team can help you plot a path through these disputes and guide both the individuals and the businesses involved towards the best possible outcome in testing circumstances.

Our multi-disciplinary team spans dispute resolution experts, business and corporate lawyers and tax specialists, all working together to find the best outcome for you.

It is our experience that a wide range of triggers can ignite these conflicts. Common examples include:

  • Disagreements over commercial strategy;
  • A breach by one or more directors of their duties under contract or their fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the company;
  • A desire to remove a director from office;
  • Fraud or other criminal behaviour;
  • The financial pressures on a business at risk of insolvency.

Often company directors are also shareholders: advice may be needed which encompasses the rights, obligations (and remedies available) to individuals acting in both capacities and this can add a layer of complexity which we are adept at resolving.

Whatever the origin of the problems that you face, Druces’ team has worked with clients who have faced the same problem and is ready to help.

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