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Syndicated Property Investment

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Syndicated Property Investment

Druces pioneered investment in property by syndication for private investors more than 20 years ago, enabling individuals to join syndicates in order to invest in commercial property as part of a group. Today, we remain at the forefront in assisting clients with the sale and purchase of investment property via syndication.

Interested in property syndication?

Being part of a property syndicate can bring some huge benefits, including a steady income and capital gains. However, joining a property syndicate also brings unique complexities and challenges.

Druces has supported property syndicates for over 20 years and we are able to advise clients through the entire process; including advice on taxation, the legal structure, property management and more. Contact our award-winning team to find out more about how we can assist you in your property investment.

What is syndicated property investment?

To put it simply, a property investment syndicate is a group of people allocating their funds into a collective pot to invest in property they would not usually be able to afford individually, for example commercial property.

What are the benefits of property syndicates?

Property investment can often be a lucrative and attractive form of investment, offering high yields, fruitful returns and a variety of exciting opportunities.
Investing in a property syndicate also provides these same benefits, with the added benefits of:

  1. Strength in numbers: Investing in a property syndicate can provide you with the financial capacity to invest in high-value properties, often in prime locations such as London.
  2. Freedom of choice: As an investor, you can choose to invest in a property syndicate that matches your preferences. For example, high yield, business sector, location, length of lease etc.
  3. Spread your investment: Whether you would like to invest in one large high-value property, or spread it across a wide range of properties; property syndication gives you that option.
  4. Control: You own your share of the commercial property, which means you have a form of control on your investment, including the option to sell your holding at any point if you wish.
  5. Exciting investments: Own your piece of the high-street, you have the option to invest in retail shops, offices, industrial units and more. Property syndicates offer more variety in your property investment than building a residential portfolio.

How we support property syndicates

Druces have led the way in providing legal support on syndicated property investment for over 20 years.

Our team consists of specialists who provide expertise in all the areas needed for property syndicates to run smoothly and efficiently, this includes qualified tax advisors, construction law experts, financial specialists and more. This allows us to deliver a joined-up, responsive service which can find solutions and positive outcomes for property syndicates.

We work with many property syndicators, establishing tax efficient vehicles for co-investment in commercial property.

We advise clients through the whole process of investing in a property syndicate. This starts with the initial purchase of an investment property through a nominee company, its subsequent management and on to its eventual disposal. Investing in this way is a perfect solution for individuals who want a stake in commercial property but do not have the financial backing, experience or inclination to act alone.

Why choose us?

Investing in property requires specialised advice and advisers. To date, we have supported in excess of 300 private property syndicates. These include mezzanine loan syndicates, an expanding area. Druces has also assisted clients with conversion to REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) status.

Druces’ Investment Team acts for a diverse client base from REITS, financial institutions, property companies, pension funds, property syndicators and high net worth individuals.

We are specialists within the retail, office and industrial property sectors.

Contact our specialist property syndicate lawyers

Druces regularly works with chartered surveyors in managing joint initiatives for property syndicates for private investors. We provide the legal expertise in creating the vehicle for the syndicated investment and for the purchase and management of the target property. The result is a complete and professional package for private investors.

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