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Gerald Schlagman

Head of Business Development & Marketing

Gerald Schlagman, an Executive MBA from Warwick Business School, heads Druces’ Business Development & Marketing, leveraging over 15 years of experience. His expertise has consistently enhanced team performance and grown client bases.

Gerald is responsible for brand, marketing, communications, client development, and new business strategies at Druces. As a consultant, he achieved a remarkable 30% sales productivity boost and a 19% efficiency increase. His advisory role to governments led to a substantial 57% surge in satellite office expansion for high-net-worth individuals. Gerald’s proven track record and leadership position him as an invaluable asset in Druces’ sustained growth and success.

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The Impact of a Predatory Marriage

The Contentious Probate Team at Druces recently successfully represented the son of an elderly man, who died following a predatory marriage to his carer, in a contested estate dispute...