Jobs in the UK Care sector have now been added to the UK Shortage Occupation Skills List, thereby removing the requirement for these jobs to satisfy the “Genuine Vacancy Test” and as a result making it more straight-forward to apply for a Tier 2 Health and Care Worker visa.

What are the new immigration rules for care workers?

Under the new rules:

  • Care workers will have to apply for a 12-month Health and Care Worker visa and have been offered a minimum annual salary of £20,480 to qualify. They will be entitled to bring dependants, including a partner and children
  • The Health and Care Worker visa allows medical professionals to come to or stay in the UK to work with the NHS, an NHS supplier or in adult social care
  • The Health and Care visa will benefit from fast-track processing, dedicated resources in processing applications and reduced visa fees
  • The aim is to process the applications quicker, cheaper and easier for social care employers to recruit eligible workers to fill vital gaps
  • The new measure will make social care workers, care assistants and home care workers eligible for a minimum 12-month period
  • The Health and Care visa will offer a pathway to settlement should the worker remain employed and wish to remain in the UK
  • All roles under SOC Code 6145 will be brought into scope of this visa change. According to ONS this includes the job titles: Care Assistant, Care Worker, Carer, Home Care Assistant, Home Carer and Support Worker (Nursing Home)
  • Care providers who do not already hold a sponsor licence in the Skilled Worker route can prepare to take advantage of the offer by registering for a sponsorship license ahead of implementation

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Druces can assist any UK or foreign company with its sponsor licence application, its applications for certificates of sponsorship and ultimately preparation of Tier 2 Health and Care Worker Visas.

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